~$ whoami

I'm someone, at least I think. The latter is enough, if you ask René Descartes.

Anyways, I look something like this at my most serious:

A picture of me.

  • 😄 Pronouns: they/them
  • 🔭 I'm a Student, a Developer, an InfoSec/OSINT enthusiast and a CTF player.
  • I am one of the Community Managers at Digital Overdose, an infosec community on Discord, where I also organize the D.O. Conference!
  • 👬 I'm looking to collaborate on InfoSec, OSINT, Development and any combination thereof.
  • 💬 Ask me about Development, Security and OSINT. Maybe also about various CTF challenges!
  • Fun fact: I enjoy (chili) coffee and cheese.

I'm involved in quite a few things, but I started out as some shitty kid with no computer knowledge from somewhere in Switzerland.

When I was small I wanted to become something cool, like a rocket scientist, or a bio-mechanical engineer (in my mind someone who builds all these really cool prostheses and stuff). Alas, the realities of life caught up to me.
In high school (in France), I noticed my aptitude in maths, physics and the like was acceptable, but wasn't stellar.

What I did notice, was that I was pretty good in an elective class called "Computer systems and digital sciences", and furthermore, that I was interested by the field.
So started my fall into all things computer.

Back in 2015, I started out with Python and completed a small project called METARix. That little project took meteorological data from airplane strips, and was able to translate forecast data to English and project a landing angle for planes on runways.
That got me hooked.

Of course, I failed some other classes and didn't have the grades to go to university in Switzerland (which, if you know the French university system, is a big deal).
My solution? Redo my last year.

That got me a year where I could go over some details I'd forgotten, but it also got me to take that elective again, where I outperformed myself and learned more about the field (as well as some Java and C++).

I graduated with some pretty good marks, and managed to enroll at EPFL (one of Switzerland's top polytechnical universities) in Computer Science, which was "the dream".
Spoiler alert: I failed. Hard. All of the higher level maths were coming to bite me in the ass.

So, what next?
After some searching, I enrolled at the University of Geneva, in the Institute for Information Systems and Service Sciences, where I obtained a Bachelor's degree, and am now pursuing my Master's Degree.

There, I got more and more involved in security and sideloaded infosec.

I'm primarily a student at the Institute for Information Systems and Service Sciences, where I'm in my 2nd year of a Master's Degree.
- I used to be a teaching assistant for 3 classes: "Introduction to Programming", "Software & Computer Networks" and the "Transversal Class on the Digital".

I partake quite actively in our student body association, where I act as community manager and secretaryvice-president president.

Back in 2019, I started to work as a software developer in a (to-be-open-sourced) project concerning IoT, mobile development and pollution, which is still currently [REDACTED].

Until 2020, I worked as a workshop host for students from middle- and high-school, where they can become more acquainted with the world of computers.

In 2020, I co-founded an association with friends at the end of a hackathon, and our aim is to create a platform where people can easily acquire relevant information when victims of domestic abuse. (EDIT 2021: I've since taken my leave from this project)

In 2021, I acquired my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems and Service Sciences.

I also subsequently got more involved in infosec communities, joining Infosec Happy Hour (EDIT 2022: Defunct) and TMHC (EDIT 2022: Defunct), and also giving my first ever talk!

Mainly development! I am knowledgeable in Python, Java, Scala, Golang, C, Dart, JS, TS, PHP, C++ and am looking to skill up in Ruby and Rust.

I've started some stuff in infosec, mainly pentesting and the like, but also need to skill up.

Finally, I'm not too shabby / progressively getting better at OSINT!